Aqualicious does Miami on the Gold Coast!

A great meet yesterday for my first outing at the Miami meet.
Truly ecstatic with how I went – far beyond my own expectations.


First up 200m Freestyle paced really well and felt like I was able to negative split. Finished in 2:28.92which was a small 0.33 second personal best. A great way to kick things off.

2nd up was our relay where I swam in the 4×50 mixed freestyle relay. Our team came third and we had a lot of fun swimming together. Relays are so fun!

Then my 2nd individual event was 50m Butterfly where I focused strongly on my undulation and breathing rhythm. Felt great and I was very speechless to see the time was 32.77 a new personal best by 2.06 seconds.

After this decided to scratch the 100m Freestyle so I could focus on the 100m Butterfly shortly after that event. An event where I stand on the blocks heart pounding in my head dreading lap 2 – tense up and pause or ‘die’. I really had to remember that manta of Just dont try too hard and feeling happy and relaxed. Lap 1 went really well, pushed out well for Lap 2 and with 40 metres to go really powered into it. Screaming at my brain the whole way to shut out any ‘bad’ thoughts and finished strong. They leaned over the end of the pool and told me I had finished in 1:21.24. Speechless and shocked I asked them to repeat the time – which they did. Totally speechless that I managed to swim a 12.28 second PB.


Then finished with a 30.45 50m Freestyle to round out a great day.

Truly finally established myself as a good butterfly swimmer – a dream since I started swimming that I thought I would never achieve. Hard work and the mind training exercises definitely paid off. Also a good test of current training schedule leading into National championships where I have already adjusted my entry to accommodate a decent 100m butterfly seed time.

Looking forward to a really fun meet at Hervey Bay next weekend with Rachael – capped off by a fun costume presentation dinner. We don’t get to race together very often at a real swim meet so it is going to be fantastic.

She’s been trying to get out of me for a week what 200m event I have entered as I told her it was not the 200m Freestyle. She has not settled on a ‘bet’ for which event but I will inform her now that it is not 200m Butterfly and that all will be revealed in due course. TEE HEE RAQUEL!
Therefore it’s either 200m Backstroke or 200m Breaststroke. Only time will tell!


Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim

A great swim with the other 2 OWS Musketeers at Mooloolaba.


2014 Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim

Quite a windy day which did make the conditions a bit challenging by creating a bit of a general mess and swell for the duration of the course.

The buzzer goes off and we all run full speed into the sea. Flying out of most waves as they rolled over our heads, landing on one another – scoring me a kick to the goggles and an elbow but they did stay on with not too much water getting in. Was thankful I didn’t wear the wetsuit – swam far better not overheating like at Noosa.
Managed to hip draft and feet draft off pretty much the same swimmer on and off for about 70% of the swim.

I was determined as we both stood up to pass him on the finish line so gunned it with little power left up the beach to beat him by a few seconds.

Hamish did try to ask me how the swim went as I had my hands on my knees and was heaving my guts out trying to get my breathing and heart rate down.

Finished in Tenth place in my age group for Open in 24:09.92. That put me in the top 77th% overall for Open for the event and that time would have earned me 3rd place in the weekend warrior category for age group.
Had nothing more to give, finished strong and had fun – all you can ask for!


2014 Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim

A great day. Looking forward to the first pool competition at Miami Pool in just over 2 weeks 🙂

Toowoomba Tadpoles SC Meet

Hot off the press – swam very well in Toowoomba.

We capped off last night with some champagne and red wine and had a cracker of an evening out in town.


So.. here is where I performed.

100m Individual Medley – Swam 1:20.32 – cutting 4.95sec off the previous time I did it which was here last year aswell. Funny race being side by side with some great swimming buds one in particular – Leanne holds the 400m backstroke state record so I knew it would be a close race. My strategy there was to go hard out like a racing car in the butterfly leg knowing I was faster, let her go past in the backstroke as she always would then try to gun the breaststroke and freestyle to pass her. She was onto me during the freestyle and accelerated and beat me by 0.5 but we definitely pushed each other.

25m Butterfly, again had 3 of us together from same club which was great. It was the first time I swam it without taking a breath. Very close to my personal best and felt great. Think i’m falling in love with butterfly which sounds very strange.

Then the favorite race well! 100m Butterfly – no longer scared of it.
The plan was to go easy and relaxed and breathe every 2 strokes for the first 50m then try to hold onto it for another 50m. Unfortunately I did not go relaxed enough and died at the 50m mark – started breathing every stroke and was worried I was going to get DQ as my technique fell apart. However I made it, and I out-touched friend of mine from my swimming club that I made enter the event by 0.01sec totally hillarious.

Started to tire out badly after that event, I did one on my slowest times for the year in the 100 freestyle but very respectable 1:08 – still the fastest 100m freestyle swimmer of the meet so I can’t complain.. but then still panting and getting my breath back just 2 heats later had the 50m butterfly. I went into it just wanting somewhere near a consistent time knowing I was stuffed and its a tough event and ask of myself. It felt great and smooth and I did 35.63 – not far off my personal best and apparently looked like I was really hurting the last 25m – so a fabulous result!

Swimming Diet

Not broken up into individual carb counting / quantities like Panda but you will get the idea.(From this week)


AM Training (squad swim) (1.5hr ~4km): Banana + Carb Gel. Gatorade during approx 70% instructed blend w/ water.
Cycle to work (6km)

Breakfast: Power smoothie:- Frozen mixed berries – approx 2 handfuls + 1 tbsp LSA Mix + 3 tbsp Sustagen Sport + 5 tbsp oats + 1 tbsp honey + 200ml low fat milk approx + ice/water (blended)

Morning snack: Apple & Yoghurt (175g Farmers Union – Greek No Fat w/ Honey)

Lunch: 1.25 cup brown rice, salad/vegetables, tin of tuna (after 45min gym session)

Afternoon snack: Apple & Carmens Bar (Dark Choc + Blueberry)

PM Training (cycle 6km) : empty stomach

Dinner: 1.25 cup brown rice, salad/vegetables, ~120g grilled honey soy chicken skewers.

Wett Ones Sydney, Caboolture & Brisbane Southside

I haven’t posted an update in awhile so here is one on my path to Montreal!

Went with Stu to the Wett Ones meet in late May to Sydney. It was a really fun meet. Our relay team came first and I swam a really good leg of 100m breaststroke in the 4×100 medley relay. Stu although extremely frightened swam his 100m Butterfly leg beautifully. I broke my 200m backstroke PB (to swim something different) by 13 secs so I was very pleased.

However this upset poor Rachael as this was slightly faster than her 200 Backstroke PB so there was ANOTHER challenge. This time for the Emily Seebohm 200m Backstroke 2nd Place Trophy. We went head to head in the same heat for an exciting race, however she did remain the winner. We both went in with 3:25 PB and she finished 3:11 and I finished 3:16 so a really stellar effort from both of us and such great fun. I accepted my trophy with grace. We then formed a on-the-spot relay team between Aqualicious and Albany Creek Ducks called ‘Quackalicious’ with Rachael swimming Backstroke and me swimming Butterfly – and we were the fastest medley relay team of the day a really nice way to end the day!

Brisbane southside meet went really well. I was targetting to swim my 200m freestyle (first event) the strongest as I am going to race it next year in Montreal. I took 5.36sec off my PB swimming 2:26.22 – well beyond my expectations for the day. Really good progress to where I need to be. I also took a small amount off my 50m Butterfly which is really coming along too! Over 10 sec faster than last year.

Next swim meet will be the Valley meet in August where I am going to nominate for my first ever 100m Butterfly!

Noosa Challengers LC Swim Meet 2013

A great meet at Noosa today. Sunny and pretty warm! A good contrast to the cold wind and rain of late.
Very happy with how I swam – swam very well during the start of the day, and consistently for the last few races of the day.

In short set 2 new personal bests – in the 100m freestyle by a small margin, and the 50m Butterfly by a very large margin. Finished first in all my events except the 100 free and had a great time.

100m Freestyle
Felt really good and finished 1:06.58 – breaking my old personal best of 1:06.74. Taken since Pan Pacs last year to break that so was a great start to the day.

50m Butterfly
A race I didn’t really need to be so worried about. I did slow down slightly in the last 10m but no dying moth!. I finished 34.83 breaking my old dying moth PB of 41.67. Butterfly feels so good when you are doing it right and keeping the momentum up. Looking forward to continuing to work on it before worlds next year!

200m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, 100m Breaststroke towards the end of the day all went well, swam very close to my PB times. Probably my last individual breaststroke event for awhile, and my 200 back next week will be my last event in that for awhile too. Going to focus primarily on swimming distances and events i’d like to swim at worlds next year. Was blown away by the improvement in butterfly. So lots more freestyle and butterfly in my future. And I will be nominating for the 100 fly at the caboolture meet in June 🙂

Was great to see so many people again from other clubs and a lovely day in the sun with my teammates 🙂 ❤

Albany Creek Ducks Short Course Meet

A great meet at Albany Creek today. A great contrast to last year where it was raining, windy and freezing.
A beautiful sunny day. I finally got the better of Heather McDonalds shenanigans – I offered her a hug in the water so that she would let go of the block. Perfect. Once in the ‘hug position’ I dropped in the water and took her with me haha.

The only thing I would have changed in the lead up to today was to get more than 6 hours sleep last night. But even still have done very well today!

Came first in age group as well.

25m Butterfly – 14.89
Was very happy with the 25 fly. Only one breath and wasn’t absolutely stuffed when I hit the wall – a good indication I might do better today in the 50 fly than I was expecting. Set a new PB from 15.71 set at states this year down from the 17.77 I did in 2012. Technique greatly improved thanks to coaches help this year.

50m Backstroke – 41.94
Around where it would normally be. start and turn and technique felt good – stroke count isnt as fast as I would like. Something to work on to get it under 40 secs.

50m Butterfly – 35.76
A race I’ve been stressing out about all week. First time I’ve swum the 50 fly with no dying month. Slipped on the block on the start (so slippery!) so that did hinder me a little bit. After that though was very happy about 10m to go started breathing almost every stroke but didn’t feel like I was dying so very pleased. Will keep giving it a go at meets in the future! Was a PB down from 39.66.

Video —

(I’m in Lane 6 – 3rd lane from the far side – white cap)

50m Freestyle – 30.80
Was starting to feel very tired at this point. At little disappointed by not being below 30. Some extra sleep may have helped here.

100m Freestyle – 1:07.82
Again feeling very fatigued – was hoping for a mid 1:05. However was told my 50m split time was a high 27 seconds – best I have ever done for 50m, I need to do 28.20 Long Course for Montreal Worlds next year. Now feeling more confident about it!!

4x50m Mens Freestyle Relay – Split 29.92
Relay was a lot of fun – and was glad to see my split was better than my individual 50 event. Was very pleased to shower and change afterwards – zonked.